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AI & Data Solution

Adopting cloud-native AI technologies has the potential to offer numerous benefits for enterprises. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges that need to be carefully addressed with the right skill set. Our offering extends beyond implementation, providing ongoing support for enhanced accuracy and reliability, ensuring a seamless and secure integration journey.

Going Cloud’s Approach to Addressing Challenges

Here are some of the main challenges enterprises commonly face with AI adoption. Addressing these challenges requires a holistic approach throughout your system lifecycle.

Data Quality and Availability
Cost Effective Data Management System
Complexity of Implementation & Talent Shortage
Expert AI System Integration & Solution Templates
Data Privacy and Security
Data Ownership

Our AI & Data Solution

We offer AI System Integration services utilizing pre-defined AI and data solution templates to build fit for purpose systems with faster time to service.

Internal System
Customized UI
3rd Party API
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AI Solution
AI Chatbot
Content Generation
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Large Language Model
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Data Solution
Data Collection
Data Lakehouse
Data Processing
Data Visualization
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Data Resources
Other Databases
Going Cloud Solution
Customer’s asset

AI Solution

Data Solution

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Data Management System
End-to-end data management service, assisting you with data collection, analysis, and visualization to business applications.


Our professional team of well-experienced data scientists and engineers is here to support the full lifecycle of AI implementation to drive your digital cloud transformation journey.

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Phase 1
Identify Issues
Assess and identify potential issues arising from each phase concerning AI implementation
Phase 2
Define Process
Analyze and define optimal process/form of data collection and their usage
Phase 3
Propose Optimal Services
Propose an optimal service model for your business including the usage of our AI/data solutions
Phase 4
Systems Implementation
Execute system integration and continually support its lifecycle

Going Cloud Makes Your Choice Easy

AI/ML Leadership

With a proven track record in AI/ML services for KKBOX's vast user base, and a skilled team of data scientists, we provide seamless AI integration solutions across industries

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide cost-effective data management systems and tailored AI solutions to maximize data asset utilization and meet clients' business needs

Data Ownership

Deploying Going Cloud's AI solutions to enterprises' cloud environments separately, we ensure data sovereignty while driving innovation securely

Success Cases

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