AI FAQ Chatbot

Improved customer service efficiency by reducing processing time through the FAQ Chatbot.

Sakura partnered with Going Cloud to create an AI FAQ Chatbot, slashing customer service processing time by two-thirds and boasting a 95% response accuracy rate. This greatly enhances service efficiency, ensuring a superior customer experience.



Our client, a leading Taiwanese kitchen appliance brand, offers a range of products for a comfortable kitchen space, including range hoods, dish dryers, gas stoves, and more.

Challenge and Solution

Streamlining Internal Data Access: SAKURA Reduces Query Time with Advanced Chatbot

The customer service staff had been spending substantial time handling queries due to complex internal data, and the client aimed to address this challenge by enhancing internal information accessibility in response to the rise of AI chatbots. Collaborating with Going Cloud, the client implemented a Chatbot service using AWS Lex & Kendra, enabling swift internal data retrieval and reducing time spent by customer service staff. Going Cloud cleaned and transformed existing data, integrating natural language processing and machine learning models into the Chatbot to enable. accurate responses and a seamless user experience.

Solution Architecture

Optimizing messaging and information retrieval through AWS Lex & Kendra.

SAKURA Boosts Efficiency by 66% and Achieves 95% Accuracy with AI Chatbot

SAKURA succeeded in reducing query processing time by two-thirds, achieving a 95% chatbot response accuracy post integration. This not only boosted service efficiency but also elevated the consumer experience. and ongoing updates continue optimizing the chatbot as a robust information assistant.

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