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Data Management System

We offer an all-in-one data management solution, helping you integrate multiple data sources, fully own your data, analyze user behavior patterns, and make better business decisions.

Why Data Management System?

Enhancing Data-driven Business

Maximizing the use of data assets to enhance business with data-based decision making by consolidating data assets

Increasing Efficiency

Utilize it as a backbone for integration with AI to boost efficiency for human resources as well as IT infrastructure

Simplified Data Integration

Choosing the right solutions enables the integration of diverse data sources with ease, facilitating faster utilization of the latest sources across business operations

Our Data Management System

Data Collection
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Web, App/SNS, CRM
ERP, SCM, POS, Flat File, Other Databases

Structured, unstructured and semi-Structured Data
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Data Lakehouse
Data in raw format
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Data Processing
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Data Preps & Validation

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Data Marts

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Data Application
Data Visualization
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Business Intelligence

AI/ML Application
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Data Science

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Machine Learning


Prediction, Alert Notification Recommendation

Our Data Management System

Out-of-the-Box Analytics
We offer in-depth dashboards and models to understand user behavior and engagement. This includes complex analysis of events, funnels, paths, and retention, enabling deeper insights into user behavior.
Diverse Data Sources
Our solution expedites the importing process of various data sources relevant to your business, enabling the flexible creation of a data lake tailored to your needs.
Cost Effectiveness
No license charges, only pay the utility fee. Our solution, powered by AWS serverless analytics services, seamlessly scales with your data volume without resource reservations.
Free Consultation
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