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AI Chatbot

Whether for internal use or external, experience intuitive and efficient AI-driven interactions powered by Going Cloud’s customized chatbot solutions to boost efficiency and enhance user experience.

Why AI Chatbot?

Intuitive Interactions

Use natural language to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers based on your organization’s vast databases.

Boosting Efficiency

Reduce the time spent searching for the right data, and redirect your employees to focus on core business tasks.

Enhancing User Experience

Enhance user experience with multi-channels supporting chatbots that provide quick and accurate responses to questions.

Our AI Chatbot

FAQ chatbot phone screen shot
Ask a question in natural language
Reply to the user fluently.
Query information from various channels based on the question, and confirm/consolidate them through LLM.
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Internal process integration
Customized UI
Foundation Model
gpt4, claude3, Llama 2, Gemini
Knowledge Base
Search engine
Internal database
3rd-party system (e.g. Google Drive, ERP)
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Optimal LLM Selection
Our chatbot is compatible with all major LLMs. We carefully select the LLM that best fits your personalization strategy and business needs.
Broad Application Scenarios
We can deploy the AI chatbot across channels and audiences of your choice, including websites, mobile applications, and more.
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Continual Fine-tuning
Implementation is not the end of our services. Our mission is to continually refine the solution to adapt to constantly changing business climates and user demands.

Success Case

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Chatbot for Sakura

Improved customer service efficiency by reducing processing time through the FAQ Chatbot.

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