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Billing Service

Benefit from the ease of offloading billing and account management to Going Cloud. As an AWS-certified Advanced Tier Services Partner, we'll help you maintain cloud architecture, manage billing costs, and optimize resources.

Why Billing Service?

Allow us to handle the billing legwork at no additional cost to your organization, while freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters.

Our Billing Service

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Cloud Usage Monitoring
Gain comprehensive insights into your cloud resource utilization including usage of various services and corresponding costs.
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Flexible Payment
Flexible payments available in local currency and by invoice. (Direct contract with AWS requires credit card payment in USD)
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Local Language Support
Local language support available for instances such as account creation, transfer, and changes with no additional fee.
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Access Settings
Set up billing permissions for users or departments as required, ensuring only authorized personnel can access and manage relevant billing data.
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Zero Handling Fee
Pay no more than your AWS usage fee to enjoy our billing services.
Process to Start Going Cloud Billing Service

Follow simple steps below to apply for our billing services. Contact us today to get you started!

Step 1
Contact us via this website
Step 2
Fill in application form
Step 3
Send us form via email
Step 4
Agreement to be in effect after review completion
Step 5
Going Cloud to Issue account
Step 6
Start service
* If you already have an AWS account, you can continue to use your existing account, but it will need to be transferred to Going Cloud. Please note that the transfer requires application and approval from our company, as well as contract procedures with AWS. 
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