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AWS Clickstream Analytics

Clickstream Analytics on the AWS platform collects, ingests, analyzes, and visualizes clickstream data from your websites and mobile applications. This data is crucial for in-depth analysis of user behavior, customer data, sales/inventory forecast, marketing campaigns, and more. By gaining insights into user interactions on websites or applications, we help you better understand user trajectories, preferences, and usage patterns, enabling you to optimize product and marketing strategies for a more user-centric approach.

Key Features of Clickstream Analytics

Out-of-the-Box Analytics
We provide comprehensive dashboard views for easy understanding of user behavior and engagement patterns. Exploration models enable further complex analysis, such as event, funnel, path, and retention analysis, empowering you to delve deeper into user behavior.
Complete Data Ownership
Supporting automatic or code-based tracking with compliance and security, you have the freedom to query, extract, share, and connect user behavior data for multiple purposes.
Cost Effective Optimazation
Built on AWS serverless analytics services, the AWS Clickstream solution automatically scales based on your data volume without the need to reserve any resources. Unlike other third-party solutions, we have no licensing fees, allowing you to pay only for your actual AWS service usage.

Benefits of Clickstream Analytics

Deep Understanding of User Behavior
With out-of-the-box analytics and advanced exploration models, you can gain deeper insights into user behavior on websites or applications, enabling corresponding business optimizations.
Boost Business Growth
By generating insightful reports, you can devise more effective business marketing strategies, enhance product innovation, and increase market competitiveness, thereby driving business growth.
Cost Savings
Our solution automatically adjusts scale based on your needs, without the need to reserve resources, and without additional licensing fees, saving on your operational costs.
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