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Managed Service

As an AWS-certified Advanced Consulting Partner, Going Cloud boasts a team of over 40 AWS-certified cloud technology consultants, providing cutting-edge cloud transformation consulting services. In addition to offering AWS cloud service implementation and deployment, Going Cloud also provides AWS cloud hosting services, collaborating with clients to maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

Why do you need managed service?

In today's digital age, cloud technology has become pivotal for accelerating business growth. However, with the increasing complexity of cloud systems and rising operational costs, many businesses find themselves facing several challenges:

Lack of Cloud Operations Personnel

Transitioning to the cloud requires a different operational model, and many businesses lack internal teams to manage and maintain complex cloud architectures.

Complexity of Cloud System Architecture

Cloud architecture and deployment methods are complex, making it challenging for enterprises to fully grasp and manage every aspect of the architecture and its potential threats, which can lead to cloud security issues.

Optimization of Cloud Resource Allocation

Insufficient operational manpower may lead to difficulties in monitoring cloud resource allocation and related costs, hindering businesses from maximizing the benefits of the cloud.


MSP service roadmap

Going Cloud Managed Service

Professional Technical Team Available 24/7
Our professional technical team is available around the clock to assist you, allowing you to focus on business operations while entrusting cloud operations to us.
Expert Cybersecurity Protection
We provide professional cybersecurity protection services to safeguard your cloud systems, assisting with permission control, event log analysis, and ensuring the security of your data and systems.
Cloud Cost and Architecture Optimization
Our expert team continuously optimizes your cloud architecture, saving costs and achieving optimal resource allocation, enabling you to utilize cloud resources more effectively.
Automated Monitoring
We have established alert conditions for various AWS service metrics and work with our 24/7 staff to promptly address alerts, ensuring that your systems remain in optimal condition.
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