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Helping Soundscape Scale Business Effectively

Helping Soundscape Scale Business Effectively
About Soundscape

Soundscape is a worldwide music aggregator that enables musicians to release their catalog to 30+ streaming platforms (such as KKBOX, Spotify, Apple Music and so on) just within a few clicks. Since 2018, Soundscape has successfully distributed 100 K+ songs and assisted 1,000+ artists to reach global fans as well as monetize their valuable contents. Besides distribution, Soundscape also provides insight from data analysis to identify potential opportunities or listener persona, helping labels / artists to make smarter and more precise business decisions.

Customer Needs
  • Uploading albums or sending release requests considerably in a short time by end users consumes tremendous I/O performance. 
  • RDBMS couldn’t meet the need of mass data storage and retrieval for real-time streaming data analysis.
  • After developing several years, Soundscape wants to modularize the product and sell to other music labels who have the similar demand. They need to launch SaaS service swiftly and track the cost of separate channels 
  • The storage of revenue reports should be more secure.

Going Cloud Solution
  • Utilize Amazon ASG and Amazon EC2 to scale out instantaneously based on the usage of end users when uploading substantial releasing requests.    
  • Use Amazon DynamoDB to increase the speed of accessing streaming data.
  • With Ansible and AWS Tagging, Soundscpae can launch new service within a short time and track the cost effortlessly.
  • The implementation of multi-tier DB prompts Soundscape to manage their customers (channels) more efficiently. 
  • Through Amazon S3, Going Cloud can keep the revenue report well preserved and encrypted.
AWS Architecture Designed for Soundscape

  • All the releasing albums can be delivered to DSP (digital service provider) in the real time.
  • The processing time for streaming data analysis decreases 40% with the implementation of Amazon DynamoDB.
  • It takes only 30 minute to deploy SaaS service to new customers.
  • The durability of revenue report is up to 99.999999999% and the encryption can prevent data from leakage.