Cloud Services

Digital Transformation

Offer customized one-stop cloud solutions

Cloud Migration

Migrate to AWS effortlessly to enjoy high flexibility
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Cloud Consulting Service

Provide evaluations and advices based on customer demand


Offer flexible AWS DevOps services to help enterprise increase operating efficiency

Digital Customer Experience

Deliver high quality digitalized solutions based on different needs on AWS cloud

Machine Learning

Create integration and deployment solutions for ML to help solve the real-world challenges
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Streaming as a Service

OTT Platform

Build your own branded online video platform from 0 to 1

Live Streaming

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AI Video Encoding

Deliver high quality video at lowest bandwidth

Big Data and AI services

Data Lakehouse

Assist with creation of data lake / warehouse and data management to achieve flexibility


Deliver smart recommendation model across various industries to enhance customer lifetime valueRead More

Customized Algorithm

Use world’s leading algorithms based on diverse scenarios, including Amazon Personalize